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Monday, 5 October 2015

I Am A Serial Diaryest

Perhaps referring to myself as a Diaryest was a wrong choice. There's a likely chance I've just made myself sound as if I have a chronic case of diarrhea. I don't by the way. But I've possibly got a serious case of extreme word vomit and so therefore should not be held accountable for anything I say here. I'm probably on opium( the perfume, I swear) and high doses of sugary drinks and cheddar cheese biscuits. I've also possibly just now triggered in you what I call the DuoIDon'tKnowIfShe'sInsaneOrJustReallyWeirdInAFunnyWay Effect. Which in elaborate terms means- you're reading this not quite sure whether I'm insane and possibly in the need of dire psychological attention or if my humor is just somewhat unconventionally strange.
In really simple terms however it means-  This chick is fucking weird.
Which I don't disagree with whatsoever.

It's become apparent to me that the only way I will ever stick to writing a diary is to write it in blog format. I've tried the conventional pen and paper technique and I've failed more times than humanly possible.  It is time to break the pattern. You know like that one fictional annoying kid in your class who thought it was funny to whisper "butt cheeks" into your ears whilst playing Chinese whispers when the actual word was caterpillar. ( I swear to Cheezus I will ruin you George!!!!) Or a slight anomaly in a set of chemistry results leaving you both terribly frustrated and potentially on the verge of crying.

This is A Case Of Unconventional Autumns.
The less than sub-optimal diary of a mediocre teen.



  1. Welcome to the blogging world, and this blog is going to be incredible. I was looking at your about page and laughing my butt off, so thank you!
    xx Bryleigh
    A Little Yarn Blossom

    1. Thank you so much Bryleigh. I'm looking forward to blogging more.

  2. Awesome first post, really made me laugh, I will definitely be thinking of you as weird in a funny way :P Weird people are the best!

    x Envvy
    Lost in Translation

    1. Thanks Envy.
      And a virtual high five for weird people. Hazah!!

  3. Excellent first post - please don't stop. There are so few blogs this good and those are rapidly fizzling out!

    1. Why thank you dear fellow. I intend on posting more but it's probably going to be kind of sporadic know?
      To be honest there isn't an actual reason, I just procrastinate a whole lot,David.