Aggressively Click Me

The Diaryest

They said I couldn't make it as a squirrel so I'm trying to pass for a human. So far so swell...I think.

Abraham Lincoln once said that "the cats must eat". I am a strong believer in this. I'm also a strong believer in coming up with random sentences just for the fun of it, so you might just want to dismiss that quote by Lincoln. By might I mean you should. You really should.

Welcome to A Case Of Unconventional Autumns.The place where dreams go to hide and awkwardly avoid each other because they fear interaction and suffer from extreme social anxiety.

Here you'll learn the art of :
Occasional cussing
How not to blog
Diarying (Yes. Yes it is a word)
Clinging to prams
And how to be extremely passive aggressive.

Brought to you by a child of immigrant parents.
Sponsored by Soft Baby Butts Productions
Funded by the bank of a broke ass black child
You are truly welcome.


  1. Hey there! Welcome to Teenage Blogger Central! You'll definitely like it here.
    I look forward to seeing regular posts from you, Diaryest!

    1. *Awkwardly types realising it's been 7 days since you commented*
      Thank you Catalina and I'm excited to post more.