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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Crushing Hard


It's in the first few months of developing a crush that you realise:
A) How much of a stalker you really are
B)How good your crush looks with a perm
C)You will never be anything more to them than that girl in maths class.

Although your fully aware that the possibility of you ever going out is like that of winning the lottery, you still continue to hope. And those occasional moments spent talking to them become complete validation for your infatuation. They however are indifferent towards you and probably wouldn't know you exist if it wasn't for the fact that you sit behind them in maths class. That and the fact that you're constantly burning holes in the back of their head every time you find yourself staring at them. He will continue to be nothing more than the male equivalent of a manic pixie dream girl. For one he appears more in your dreams than in actual reality and for two your crush on him is based solely on what you believe him to be not what he actually is.


  1. Noooo - don't confront me with reality - she's "The One". I know it. It's the way she says "That'll be £10 please" and smiles. I'm deluded aren't I? (BTW she works in a shop - the tenner wasn't for, you know...)

    1. I had to do it David. I had to. I love how you had to clarify what you mean't by the way. Not going to lie, that had me laughing more than it really should have.